Must-Dos for Charlotteans

So much to do in Charlotte!

CharlotteSkylineSpending Time inSouthPark? Check out some of my favorite places!

If you are a Charlotte Magazine subscriber, you’ve probably already seen the magazine’s fabulous article,“50 Things Every Charlottean Should Do.”This article is so well written, and if you love Charlotte like I do, may even bring a tear to your eyes. This piece started me thinking about some of my favorite Charlotte hangouts, spots, nature areas, and places.

First let’s start out with the obvious, I love to shop! And where do I get some of my best shopping done? You guessed it…. SouthPark Mall. With So many wonderful department stores and customboutiques, it’s hard not to find fashions for every season from fall to summer. The boutiques have designer quality amazing accessories that would make every fashionistahappy!

The daily grind. Now, when it comes to something a little less exciting and a little more mundane, like grocery shopping,Whole Foods Marketis for sure my go-to place for choice-item groceries like free-range (happy animals) meat selections, bulk foods, organic dairy, and creulty-free bath products &cosmetics. Although certain items may be a little pricey, the quality is excellent and you won’t be disappointed. Plus items like these are hard to come by and you know the old saying, “you get what you pay for…” Well in this case, it’s certainly true.

Now back to the fun stuff. WhetherI’m taking a client out for lunch or meeting a close friend for dinner, one of my favorite spots (most definitely) isDean &DeLucaWineRoom at Phillips Place in SouthPark. With easy access and great parking, D&D is located just down Fairview Road from Whole Foods. Featuring gourmet wines from around the world, D&D serves up scrumptious appetizers and entrees to go with that special bottle. If you’re in more of a glass mood, then that’s an option too! Sample their variety of wines, glass after glass.

Speaking of delicious food, one of SouthPark’s hidden gems is Portifino’s Italian Restaurant. As described on their website, “whether your passion is pasta or pizza, seafood or meats, cheeses or vegetables, have it here atPortofinos Ristorante Italiano e Pizzeria.” If you have not eaten here yet, I highly recommend you go tonight, don’t wait another minute! If you’re not salivating yet, check out their to-die-for menu.

Psssst! If you check out“50 Things Every Charlottean Should Do.”(and you should!!!), be sure to check outnumber 7,SouthParkis well-represented!

Truly a fantastic article! Read the full piece here: