SouthPark’s Terrace Cafe

cafe1-e1386363253195The Total Dining Experience…at SouthPark’s Piedmont Row’s, Terrace Caf!

If you haven’t been to Terrace Cafe lately you’ll notice a recent menu change @ the SouthPark location. Terrace Cafe is known for their breakfast menu where they turn over 500 people on a given Sunday! Now that’s a brunch!If you have yet to experienced Terrace Caf atSouthPark why not tonight?Trust me, this restaurant is a hidden gem andone shouldn’t wait too much longer to try it!The Dinner menu is a real treat w/ it’s Southern gourmet selections. Fried Green Tomatoes, a to-die-for homemade jalapeo jam… A Real SouthPark favorite!With everyone getting in the swing of the holidays, Holiday shopping has truly begun… SouthPark Terrace Cafe is a great stop and check your list twice!!! Stop in & say hello to Jacob & the talented Terrace Cafe staffat SouthPark. Wonderful, wonderful fine restaurant!

View the variety of food options on their menus: