Safegaurd your Smartphone

Smartphones Are Plenty Smart, But Sometimes They Can Use a Little Help!

Protect yourself and keep your identity safe!

I know I’m always on the go, and definitly always with smartphone in hand! That’s why these tips for protecting your personal information stored on your smartphone was particularly valuable to me.

The Elizabeth Communitynewsletter helps us safeguard our smartphones when using them in public! So many helpful tips here that I had never thought about. At a meeting, using your smartphone? Just think of all the personal information your smartphone carries within its tiny techy-body! The newsletter reminds us to “stay alert when using your phone; others may be watching you to see what you do with your phone once you’re finished using it.” They reccommend avoiding leaving your phone on tables at restaurants, bars, & coffee shops. Also do not leave your phone in an open handbag, and NEVER hang the bag over the back of the chair when at a store or cafe. Another smart to protect yourself & your smart phone, is to “never call attention to yourself by walking with your smartphone in hand when you are not using it.”

So remember, register & lock your phone! Use a tracking app to register your phone (for iPhones: use “Find My iPhone” and for Android users – “Where’s my Droid” and “Look Out.”) It is also a must to lock your phone, at all times remember to password protect your smart phone! And last, but not least– KNOW YOUR #s! Not your 1,2,3s, but your smartphone model & serial numbers!

Want to know more? Check out the Elizabeth CommunityNewsletter:

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