General Contractor Moves to SouthPark

SouthPark Welcomes GC, Shiel Sexton!

SheilSextoninsideShiel Sexton plans to relocate its office to Fairview Plaza this May.

Shiel Sextonhas been in Charlotte since 1962 and works on development projects across the country. The GC recently signed a lease for 4,300 square foot space in SouthPark’s Fairview Plaza and will be movingSouth Park Shop's Charlotte (31) there this May. With notable projects such as the new apartment complex in NoDa and the Charlotte Housing Authority, leadership at Shiel Sexton wanted to be closer to town where they could be more involved and hands-on with their clients. Businesses are booming in SouthPark. With multiple business parks, mixed use projects, and a location just minutes from Uptown Charlotte, companies are flocking to SouthPark, relocating their headquarters to a more convenient spacefor business dealings.

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