Charlotte Art: Stefan Duncan’s America’s Spirit Exhibition

stefan-duncans-americas-spirit-exhibition-57 (1)STEFAN DUNCAN’S AMERICA’S SPIRIT EXHIBITION

Love funky Americana? Check out local artist, Stefan Duncan!

Come join us for Stefan Duncan’s Solo Exhibit of America’s famous icons and landscapes. Stefan is known as the American Van Gogh and the creator of the art style called Squiggleism. The invite includes: celebrating Stefan’s Birthday. Music. Drink. Food. Door prizes. The America’s Spirit show portrays American icons who are morphed into trees, such as Stephen King, Patty Duke, Willie Nelson, Native American, Ronald Regan, Bob Dylan, and even a Harley Motorcycle. There will also be landscape paintings of Lake Waccamaw and Angel Oak in Stefans unique and beautiful Squiggleism style. Best part of all; this is just simply being a gathering of friends.

Where? Charlotte Council-Garden Clubs,1820 E 7th St

When?Saturday,November 29, 2014 @5:30 PM – 9:00 PM